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Wah, Linda Wah-Okazaki (626)799-5332 
Wah, Linda S. Pasadena City College (626)799-5332(626)585-3117 
Wang, Tiger Teamorrow LLC (626)688-7862 
Warner, Christian Athens Services (626)855-7230(626)330-4686 
Watson, Carolyn Watson Design Group (626)403-2971(626)403-6053 
Watson, Carolyn Arroyo Outdoor (626)818-2601 
Watson, Craig Arroyo Outdoor (626)403-2971 
Watson, Dan Rotary Club of South Pasadena  
Weatherford, Michele South Pasadena Dental (626)441-6234(626)799-1263 
Weidekat, Olaf & Helga Mission Framing (626)799-3445 
West, Robert Priority One Credit Union (877)762-8663(626)441-1756 
Wheelan, Alyssa South Pasadena Music Center & Conservatory (626)403-2300(626)403-2329 
White, Becky Athens Services (626)855-7264(626)330-4686 
Whitmore, Steve South Pasadena Review (805)404-4091 
Wiele, Casey Cos&Pi (323)363-2712 
Wierman, Tiona South Pasadena Preservation Foundation (626)799-9089 
Wiggington, Charles Priority One Credit Union (626)441-1999(626)441-1756 
Wiltrout, Gabriella Lucha's Comfort Footwear (626)799-6891(626)799-0414 
Wiltrout, Lucia Lucha's Comfort Footwear (626)799-6891(626)799-0414 
Winkle Giulioni, Julie Design Arounds (626)799-3418 
Wolff, Rachel La Monarca Bakery & Cafe (626)403-6860(323)585-5582 
Wong, Henry Kiwanis Club of South Pasadena (626)799-2789(626)710-4098 
Wood, Ellen WISPPA (323)646-6636 

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