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Tang, Jenny Bank of America (626)578-5125(626)463-5016 
Tapia, Flora TLC Pet Medical Center (626)441-8555 
Tartaglia, Tony Southern California Gas Company (818)551-7144(626)443-0989 
Teasley, Patty Partyline Events (626)289-1799(323)222-7468 
Teasley, Tom Partyline Events (323)222-7115(323)222-7468 
Thomas, Brian Southwestern Academy (626)799-5010(626)799-0407 
Thompson, Karla SmileHaus Orthodontics (626)788-5911(626)399-0694 
Thompson, Mary Pasadena City College (626)585-7202(626)585-3117 
Thompson, Rebecca Crux Studio (626)817-0813(626)441-4005 
Thoms, Jacque South Pasadena Beautiful (323)257-0124 
Tizani, Khaled Kal Tizani, Huntington Mortgage (626)497-5301 
Tolj, Mike Tolj Commercial Real Estate (323)258-4946(323)983-4545 
Tonapetyan, Margaret art/work/place (626)578-5626 
Torimaru, Douglas Citizen's Business Bank - South Pasadena (626)403-5900(626)403-8799 
Torres, Carlos Outpost (323)327-7989 
Torres, Joe Watson Design Group (626)403-2971(626)403-6053 
Torres, Joe Arroyo Outdoor (818)335-5360 
Torres, Sara Bristol Farms (310)907-6319(626)441-1438 
Tran, Xanh Shaw, Moses, Mendenhall Insurance (626)799-7813(626)799-8784 
Triolo, Lorraine BurkeTriolo Studio (626)799-1405(626)799-2076 
Tsibel, Arkady South Pasadena Dental (626)441-6234(626)799-1263 
Tsoi, Vincent Space Light Structure Design, Inc. (626)799-8818(626)799-8823 
Tu, Jackie South Pasadena Music Center & Conservatory (626)403-2300(626)403-2329 
Tucker, Gracie SCAQMD - South Coast Air Quality Management District (909)396-3373(909)396-3741 
Tumilty, Anne St. James Episcopal Church (626)799-9194(626)799-4272 

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