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Sabo, Simona Picky Jane (818)209-8788 
Salter, Andy South Pasadena Review (626)792-6397 
Salter, Carin South Pasadena Review (626)792-4902 
Salzer, Robin Robin's Woodfire BBQ (626)351-8885(626)351-1065 
Sandoval, Esmeralda Priority One Credit Union (877)762-8663(626)441-1756 
Sanello, Rocco Sanello Construction Inc. (626)575-0091(626)575-0096 
Santa Ana, Azelle The Maya Salon (626)219-6273 
Santa Ana, Patrick The Maya Salon (323)698-7668 
Saval, Jerry (583)930-7065(781)821-0507 
Sawasy, MItchell CASA|WASY Interior Design Inc. (626)799-7755(626)799-6055 
Sawasy, Susan CASA|WASY Interior Design Inc. (626)799-7755(626)799-6055 
Scarantino, Donna Theatre Americana (626)840-3551 
Schenendorf, Ruth Caldwell Design (626)799-1175(626)799-4579 
Scott, Kelly Dentists of South Pasadena (626)593-0053 
Serembe, Lynette Ellen's Silkscreening, Embroidery and Promotional Products (626)441-4415(626)441-2788 
Serwin, Dean Law Office of Dean Sheldon Serwin (323)465-1735(323)465-1763 
Seto, M.D., Gary South Pasadena Family Medicine (626)441-3298(626)513-8400 
Shahniani, Ed Fair Oaks Pharmacy & Soda Fountain (626)799-1414(626)799-7609 
Shahniani, Zahra Fair Oaks Pharmacy & Soda Fountain (626)799-1414(626)799-7609 
Shand, Euan Duncan Taylor USA LLC (626)792-1587 
Shand, Moji Duncan Taylor USA LLC (626)441-4706 
Shannon, Chiara Mission Wines (626)403-9463(626)403-9479 
Shaposhnik, Katya SPACE  
Shaw, Ted Shaw, Moses, Mendenhall Insurance (626)419-8684(626)799-8784 
Shaw, Ted SPTOR Association  
Shink, Sam Pavilions (Store # 2228) (714)300-6767 
Shirvanian, Hripsime Oculus Optometry (626)460-6022(626)460-6024 
Sim, Votha Comerica Bank (626)799-6432(626)799-6432 
Simonds, Paul Southern California Gas Company (800)427-2200(626)443-0989 
Sin, Lawrence Core Benefits (626)657-2210(323)258-2558 
Sinclair, Barbara St. James Episcopal Church (323)257-4214(626)799-4272 
Skinner, Lincoln Oneonta Congregational Church (626)799-6161 
Skinner, Lincoln South Pasadena Prayer Breakfast (626)799-6161 
Smeaton, Mark Crux Studio (626)817-0813(626)441-4005 
Smith, Christine Family Chiropractic Center (626)441-4888(626)441-5630 
Smith, Y.E. Pavilions (Store # 2228) (704)561-8777 
Smythe, Sally South Pasadena Theatre Workshop (626)399-9014 
Soriano, Jeannette Southern California Edison (626)303-8419(626)303-8452 
Spector, Howard South Pasadena Arts Council - SPARC (310)741-7650 
Stamps, Odom South Pasadena Preservation Foundation (626)799-9089 
Stamps, Odom Stamps & Stamps, Inc. (626)441-5600(626)441-0091 
Stanislawski, Chuck Stanislawski & Co., C.P.A.'s (626)441-0330(626)441-3933 
Staples, Diane Retreat (207)590-3763 
Stauber, Louis Arroyo Seco Golf Course (323)255-1506(909)589-6953 
Strom, Erik South Pasadena Masonic Association (323)255-8246(323)259-8552 
Stuart, Lawrence Orchard Supply Hardware (626)403-8115(626)403-8118 
Suleiman, Nabil Nabil Realty, Keller Williams Realty (661)904-1725 
Swimmer, Rebecca Vet Villa Animal Hospital  

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