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Macrum, Tracy Tracy Macrum, Keller Williams Realty (323)376-7633(626)204-3400 
Magistrale, Kathy Magistrale Construction (626)441-3630 
Magno, Rita Foothill Workforce Development Board (FWDB) (626)584-8395(626)585-6782 
Maimone, Jennifer Dual Crossroads (626)394-4068 
Mak, Jason Golden Oaks Senior Apartments (626)533-1942(626)408-6651 
Mangandi, Chris Raymond Restaurant (626)441-3136(626)441-4770 
Manougian, Alex Cafe X2O, South Pasadena (626)460-6400 
Manukian, Avick South Pasadena Police Officers Association (626)864-2943 
Maracine, Myra Upstage for Young Actors (626)664-3323 
Margrave, Diane Morrow & Holman Plumbing, Inc. (626)799-3115(626)799-7357 
Margrave, Diane Morrow & Holman Plumbing, Inc. (626)799-3115(626)799-7357 
Marie, Tina Reimagine Your Home (626)799-3656(626)799-1650 
Marquez, Elda Elda Marquez, Lowell & Vanderbilt (323)216-1959 
Marrs, Corydon Heliyo (213)282-3847 
Martinez, Joel South Pasadena San Marino YMCA (626)463-0261 
Martinez, Myrna Oculus Optometry (626)460-6022(626)460-6024 
Martinez, Richard Borboleta Decors (626)422-2540(626)744-9380 
Martinez, Sergio Canoe House Restaurant (626)644-0118(626)799-7942 
Mason, Cathy South Pasadena Unified School District (626)441-5820(626)441-5815 
Mason, Sean Ivory Suite Bridal Boutique (626)329-2557(888)315-7123 
Mass, John AYSO - Region 214  
Masterman, Susan Susan Masterman Architects (626)441-4805(626)441-4752 
Matson-Fennell, Sandra South Pasadena Unified School District (626)441-5820(626)441-5815 
McBride, Randy Priority One Credit Union (877)762-8663(626)441-1756 
McCarthy, Kevin M3 Inc. (626)441-0300(626)441-0355 
McCarthy, Terry M3 Inc. (626)441-0300(626)441-0355 
McCauley, Michelle Camille DePedrini (626)441-7868(626)403-6735 
McCroskey, Alison South Pasadena Review (626)792-6397 
McDonnell, Kevin Arroyo Vista Inn (626)390-2249(323)478-0197 
McElhenney, Helen South Pasadena Care Center (626)399-0358(626)460-6097 
McGrail, Larry South Pasadena Preservation Foundation (626)799-6346 
McKenrick, Mary Athens Services (626)934-4624(626)369-4754 
Mead, Lindsay Green Brooms Music Academy (626)808-4031 
Meeker, Ed Trader Joe's (626)441-6263 
Meeske, Christopher Mission Wines (626)403-9463(626)403-9479 
Melford, David David J. Melford, Pacific Union International (626)705-0637 
Melillo, Rodney Bristol Farms (626)441-5450(626)441-1438 
Mendell, Malina (310)927-8202(781)821-0507 
Mendoza, Rudy Farm Fresh To You (619)300-5368 
Mi, David Mission Gardens (626)427-2922 
Mi, Peace Mission Gardens (323)864-9952 
Middleman, Meg Meg Middleman, Century 21 Masters Real Estate (626)441-3449(626)441-3449 
Miranti, Sandy Shaw, Moses, Mendenhall Insurance (626)799-7813(626)799-8784 
Mitchell, Glen Tutor Doctor Pasadena (626)316-2031 
Moe, Scott Digital Training Group (213)949-7879 
Moe, Scott David SPEF-South Pasadena Educational Foundation (213)949-7879(626)441-5813 
Molina, Monica Pasadena City College (626)585-7201(626)585-3117 
Monical, Jeff Lavell Communications, Inc. (818)445-0114(626)284-2424 
Montes, Samantha Beyond the Classroom, Inc. (626)394-8954 
Moore, Cheryl SmileHaus Orthodontics (626)626-7881(626)399-0694 
Morales, David David Morales, State Farm Insurance (818)203-4816(626)441-1437 
Morales, Wendy Goss & Company, CPA (626)441-8020(626)441-5181 
Moreno, Brenda Priority One Credit Union (626)441-1999(626)441-1756 
Morin, Bruno Bistro de la Gare (626)799-8828(626)997-97  
Morrish, Kris Kutzer Company, The (626)524-4664(626)799-5670 
Munoz, Yalina Southwestern Academy (626)799-5010(626)799-0407 
Murphy, Patti M3 Inc. (626)441-0300(626)441-0355 
Murphy, Sandy Right at Home (626)584-8130(626)584-8132 

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