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Hales, Tony Trader Joe's (626)441-6263 
Haley, MDiv., Darrell South Pasadena Christian Church (661)964-8176 
Hames, Linda Dahl Architects, Inc. (626)564-0011(626)564-1591 
Hammond, Michelle Munch Company, The (323)533-2749 
Hargett, Bonnie Lloyd & Lane Found Objects (626)639-3544(626)399-0503 
Harmer, Laura All Lady Locksmiths (626)441-2060(626)799-7977 
Harringer, Dawn Huntington Dental Excellence (626)441-4339(626)441-3787 
Heffley, Dominique Heffley77 Illustration and Design (626)409-2342 
Heifets, Stan South Pasadena Dental (626)441-6234(626)799-1263 
Henderson, Lisa Harvest Architecture, LLC (626)390-2487 
Hendricks, Laurie Laurie Hendricks Gallery (626)833-0106 
Herbert, Allan South Pasadena Directory, The (818)249-5224(818)249-0995 
Herbert, Lorrie South Pasadena Directory, The (818)249-5224(818)249-0995 
Hernandez, Jennifer Priority One Credit Union (877)762-8663(626)441-1756 
Hernandez, Mayte Huntington Dental Excellence (626)441-4339(626)441-3787 
Hernandez, Sam South Pasadena Little League (626)441-1416 
Hernandez, Samuel Paradise General Contractors, Inc. (626)255-7341(323)257-0108 
Hernandez, Zoraida Comerica Bank (626)799-6432 
Hetherington, Dennis Dennis Hetherington Construction (323)255-4030(323)258-7438 
Hildebrand, Teresa Bristol Farms (310)233-4787(310)233-4709 
Ho, Jenny Richard & Jenny, Dilbeck Real Estate (626)283-3060(626)799-3020 
Hoadley, Cathy South Pasadena Unified School District (626)441-5810(626)441-5815 
Hoffman, Randy Canoe House Restaurant (626)399-1785(626)799-7942 
Hohman, Michelle Urban Kitchen (626)403-5633 
Hollins, Simona Priority One Credit Union (877)762-8663(626)441-1756 
Hong, Monica South Pasadena Review (626)792-4905 
Houghton, Casey South Pasadena Directory, The (626)233-0191(626)292-5739 
Howard, Tracy Bristol Farms (310)233-4787(626)441-1438 
Hoyman, Janet Bissell House Bed & Breakfast, The (626)441-3535(626)441-3671 
Hoyman, Juli Bissell House Bed & Breakfast, The (800)441-3530(626)441-3671 
Hoyman, Will Bissell House Bed & Breakfast, The (626)441-3535(626)441-3671 
Huang, Deborah Comerica Bank (626)799-6432 
Huynh, Danny D&S Printing (626)799-1129(626)799-4732 

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