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Bachian, Koko Magic Cleaners Fair Oaks Inc. (626)833-4511 
Baderian, Bob First Tee of Greater Pasadena, The (626)353-4013 
Bain, Robert Professional Child Development Associates (626)793-7350(626)793-7341 
Ballesteros, Daniel Priority One Credit Union (877)762-8663(626)441-1756 
Bank, Julie Pasadena Humane Society & SPCA (626)792-7151 
Barakat, Joumana Foothill Workforce Development Board (FWDB) (626)584-8387(626)584-8387 
Barron, Rose Friends of the South Pasadena Library (626)441-5294 
Bastos Martinez, Helena Borboleta Decors (626)578-1152(626)744-9380 
Bell, Alison Hillsides (626)390-1640(323)254-0598 
Bell, Anthony South Pasadena San Marino YMCA (626)799-9119 
Benach, Denise Bristol Farms (310)984-4452(626)441-1438 
Benjamin, Janet Shaw, Moses, Mendenhall Insurance (626)799-7813(626)799-8784 
Benjamin, Janet SPTOR Association (626)799-7813 
Bennett, Cynthia Cynthia Bennett & Associates, Inc. (626)799-9701(626)441-2978 
Bennett, Gloria Young Stars Theatre (818)808-9697 
Bennett, Jack Young Stars Theatre (818)808-9697 
Berk, Andrew Andrew Berk, Avison Young Commercial Real Estate (323)603-5075(323)851-2022 
Berk, Gabriela Reimagine Your Home (626)799-3656(626)799-1650 
Bernstein, Andrew Andrew D. Bernstein Associates Photography, Inc. (626)399-0437 
Bhalla, Hemant Ambiance AV (310)948-0429 
Biber, Beverly Woman's Club of South Pasadena, The (323)255-9906 
Bicos, John Gus's Barbecue (626)799-3251(626)799-6494 
Bilskie, Betty Dahl Architects, Inc. (626)564-0011(626)564-1591 
Bissner, Lela South Pasadena Beautiful (323)258-7393(323)257-0124 
Bissner, Lela WISPPA (323)258-7393 
Blake, Joe Southwestern Academy (626)799-5010(626)799-0407 
Blanco, David Chuck's Appliance Service, Inc. (626)792-1231(626)441-1675 
Bloom, Melissa Dentists of South Pasadena (626)593-0053 
Boekelheide, Alex Pasadena City College (626)585-7422(626)585-3117 
Boghossian, Mimo Rue de Mimo (626)441-2690(626)441-2882 
Bohn-Spector, Claudia South Pasadena Arts Council - SPARC (626)789-5605 
Bond, Dwight Workshop Design Collective, Inc. (323)258-4749(323)258-4749 
Boujekian, Jean Vana Watch & Jewelry (626)799-9919(626)799-9908 
Bourland, Kevin Kevin Bourland, Pacific Union International (213)407-4754(626)568-0308 
Brady-Rogers, Cissy Alive and Well Women (626)254-1724 
Briseno, Jerry Wells Fargo (626)799-4144(626)403-0519 
Brown, Scott 210eastsound! (626)253-1036 
Brown, Teresa Raymond Restaurant (626)441-3136(626)441-4770 
Bryant, Matthew Berkshire Hathaway Home Services California Properties (626)695-7807(626)441-0892 
Buck, Jae Jae Buck, Keller Williams Realty (626)676-6902 
Bugarin, Irene South Pasadena Unified School District (626)441-5810(626)441-5815 
Bui, Jason Bank of America (626)578-5125(626)463-5016 
Burgos, Arthur South Pasadena Police Officers Association (626)437-3154 
Burke, Jeffrey BurkeTriolo Studio (626)799-1405(626)799-2076 
Burnett, Bill Good Citizen Media Group (626)639-6711 
Buxman, Annika De Milo Design Studio & Letterpress (626)403-0317(844)282-8546 

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